yoskay yamamoto
it hope it will reach you eventuallycarry me awaymidnight blossompicking up where we left off. . .snowhere, waterbreaking the girlseiryu : blue dragonbyakko : white tigermay be tomorrowhard to breatheleft: spring
right: summer

from the four season collectionleft: autumn
right: winter

from four seasons collectionthe last summer nighttime tonightrainy day dream awayempty howlquiet flamelost or to be lostuntil we meet againscreaming for the sunrisearrival and departure hello and goodbyedo you mind if i stay for a bitas much as i couldafter glowin the endraijin : thornightmare of day-dreamerprotector and destructorleft: sunny day with a chance of the rain
right: rainy day with a chance of the sunstanding stillalone in a crowdsmile of agony81toba : 517the last twokoibito in pale bluepuzzled. . . ?1000 yearsit's raining inside of me